COVID-19 Update: Self-employment income support scheme


COVID-19: Self-employment income support scheme

Self-employment income support scheme - Per HMRC

This week the government announced the process for self employed individuals to check if they are entitled to the Self Employment Income Support Scheme grants as announced by the chancellor a few weeks ago.

Who can claim? - click on this link to see if you meet the criteria to claim for this grant.

If you believe that you meet the criteria, to check if you are eligible per HMRC use the link below and input details of your UTR and National Insurance numbers.

Am I eligible for this grant?

If you are eligible you will need to have access to HMRC’s online services which you may not have set up before.

We as your Agent we cannot process this claim for you, so it is important to get this set up as soon as possible, as it can take around a week for HMRC to send confirmation to you.

If you click "continue" at the end of the eligibility check there is an option to set up a new log in.

We have provided further information on setting up a log in on the guide attached, which includes some useful tips and troubleshooting so please take a moment to look over this.

To avoid confusion for those who may already have an existing HMRC login, unfortunately you cannot simply add the self assessment service to an existing VAT / PAYE "Organisation" login.

It needs to be an "Individual" HMRC online account attached to your personal tax account.

If it comes up that you are not eligible and you think you should be, this would need to be addressed with HMRC, as again this is not something we as your Agent have any control over.

HMRC are saying that grants should be paid into bank accounts within 6 working days of application, and the first applications can be submitted from Wednesday onwards if you have the online access set up.

You will be advised of when you can submit your claim as part of the eligibility check so watch out for that at the end.

We understand how much everyone is needing this financial help in these difficult times, so please refer to the guidance we have provided and try and get your online access in place as soon as you can.

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